Why we’ve started cleaning our customers homes…

It took running a business, a busy household and adding a baby to the mix for me to finally accept the fact I needed help. I love cleaning, I know it’s weird but I do. It’s my me time, I’m good at it, (hence why I started a business doing it) and I love putting on some music and zoning out. The best part is afterwards, sitting in a clean house with a freshly lit candle, a cup to tea and a new magazine!

After a particularly crazy busy week, I took a spontaneous half day off to rest and enjoy some quality time with my then 6 month old. I booked out 4 hours at home and by the end of this time I realised the only thing I’d done was clean around my little boy, not spend any quality time with him. That’s not the life I want for either of us, but I knew I wouldn’t feel relaxed if the house was a mess and I’d be worrying about the germ build up from the endless baby meals that end up on the floor!

I’ve never had a cleaner before as I could never justify spending money getting someone else to do what I enjoyed anyway. However, I organised one of our amazing cleaners Tania to come and just give our home a quick two hour clean up, mainly sprucing up bathrooms and floors which are always the time consumers. When I arrived home from work on Monday evening to a beautiful smelling, fresh looking, clean feeling home, it immediately hit me why a home cleaner is so important. I spent the next 2 hours before bed with the little guy, playing, listening to his giggles, reading books and relaxing. Tania gave us back quality time.

She now comes for 2 hours every Monday. We no longer have to scrub bathrooms or clean out the oven. As a family we just spend 30 minutes putting most things away before she comes, so she can gives us a deep clean that lasts the whole week. We now spend our spare time, together, doing the things we love, you’ll usually find us playing with lego and working on our business.